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Feb 05, 2004



sweet dreams em.
dear linda, roe, rob and ernest. i am so sorry. i am always looking for her wherever i think our paths might cross. i always will. love to you all.


I knew Emma for about 1 1/2 years when she lived in Manchester 3 years ago, she was immediately likeable, kind, funny, open and honest. She was a lovely person.
She has given the Gt. Manchester Run for Cancer Research new meaning for me this year.


I first became aware of Emma through the article in the Daily Mail. I'm a newcomer to the internet, and wish desperately that I had discovered Emma's blog while she was still in this world. I would love to have been able to talk to her. My mother died very suddenly from cancer last year, and I've found Emma's wonderful perspective on her problem and life in general, very uplifting. I'm glad to see that there are plans to preserve the blog, which should be compulsory reading for all. My sincere condolences and best wishes to Emma's family.


hello,like Andy i read the article in the Daily Mail(Tuesday 24th). Reading Emma's blog i found pure courage, strength and great sense of humor . Great girl . With my deepest sympathy i wish Emma's family and colin all the best for the future


I've only just read an article in the Guardian about this amazing woman. I can't believe how someone can be so strong in the face of such adversity.

What a woman!


I never knew her personally - I wish I'd had that privilige. It was early morning in the BA lounge in Heathrow when I read her story in the Daily Mail. I had tears in my eyes when I'd finished the article and looking around the packed lounge, I realised I wasn't the only one. Whilst its sad that someone with this much courage and so much to still to offer the world has moved on in her journey, her story cannot help but be an inspiration to those who have read it. Judging by the comments I've read, it sounds like she was lucky to have so many close family, friends and collegues who loved her and to remember her. We all have our idea of what comes next but for what its worth, I believe shes just started a new journey.. one without pain but still with the memories of those who loved her. Again, I wish I'd been lucky enough to have met her... hopefully, I may one day.


Good luck in whatever is next Emma. I wish I had met you personally.

Emma is missed very much, even by those who, like me, only read of her in the papers and never met her. I remember, the first time I read the article, looking at the accompanying pictires. When you see the pictures of dead people in the papers, you usually think 'Yup, they're dead alright' but with Emma I could see her staring out of the page and I thought 'She's not dead, she's still alive'.


thank you emma for all you did. i will never forget you. :) jj x


I read Emma's story in the Scottish Daily Mail & I have to admit it reduced me to tears. She sounds like a lovely person who bore her illness with great courage and dignity. My sympathies go to her boyfriend and family. May God give you the strength to cope with your loss and pain at this time.


I lost my father very suddenly to cancer last year and reading about Emma in the newspaper one day instead of listening to my lectures touched me to the very core. She was an amazing woman and my condolences and sympathies go out to those she left behind - I can understand your pain. It's wonderful to have this site, it sends a positive message to anyone in any way affected by cancer, and it has made dealing with my grief for my dad that little bit easier. She's in a better place, I am sure.


I used to work with Emma, long way back at Orange, and yes she did a lot of flying back and forth to Boston, yet she always smiled and was so unlike the other people in her team. Last time we spoke she was talking about her hair falling out and the choice of wigs, and I felt so stupid to be so vain! A beautiful person and the cliche is true, the best ones never stay with us that long. My best wishes to everyone who knew Emma better than me, I cannot begin to feel the same way. Sean x


I just wanted to let you know, I worked with Emma, and have been so inspired by her true selflessness, and resilience.

I've created a link from my blog, which has been very much inspired by Emma and her site here, and I'm keeping a blog as I go through changes in my life. I just wanted you to know she has reached a lot of people in her life and beyond.

Miss her as I'm sure you do every hour of every day, Claire xx


Just to let you know we still think of you often and look out there into the ether wondering what new things you are up to. Happy Birthday,

With Love

Marianne and Dave xxxx

Mister C

I'm having a drink alone with you tonight. Happy Birthday Candygirl.

Linda and Ernest

For the day Emma would have been 39.

There are five new 5 minute movies on Emma's web site: Family, Christmas 1992 and Christmas 2003, Memorial Day 2004, and Solitary Citizen.

Hope you enjoy them! They may make you laugh and weep too.

On the day she was born, it was a lovely sunny and gently warm summer's day just like today in Sydney.

It is nicely timed for her birthday, as yesterday was blisteringly hot and we could smell the bush fires in the Blue Mountains. The sun at sunset was a huge 'shocking' pink globe that filled the sky .
We are having a quiet day thinking of our lovely girl. Missing her never gets any less as time goes by.


A quiet day today, remembering you with sadness and love. Missing conversations with you but finding out still how far you reached people.

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