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Feb 07, 2004



My aunt died from liver cancer the morning after Emma, aged 48. She, too, was another warm, funny, bright woman who showed unbelievable courage and spirit. They would have been in hospital for extra blood and chemo at the same time, enjoying Christmas parties but feeling crap at the same time, back in hospital and facing the horrible Hickman line at the same time. Their funerals took place on the same day, and I bet Emma’s was as packed as Gilly’s.

The thing that strikes me the most about this is that it isn’t a coincidence; it is going on all the time, every day. It is the most surreal and unimaginable thing to see someone you love pulled away from you. But Emma, Gilly, and the countless others like them, inspire their friends and family to get through it with their amazing attitude. Well done Emma.


Sometimes you meet really good people who you never forget, people who you will always take the opportunity to spend time with. Emma was one of those and no mistake. We met first in York in 199? and she introduced me to more really good people when I moved to Glasgow soon afterwards. I will always be grateful for that first, chance meeting. Thank you, Emma, for adding to my life and thank you for the blog - a last chance to spend time with you. Love, Richard.

Julian Brailsford

I knew Emma a few years back when we worked together. She was great -- a kind, generous fun person. We got on well and became close friends in and out of work. After a year or two, she left and moved to London. I saw her a few times but we eventually fell out of touch. I guess I haven't spoken to her for a couple of years. I wish now we'd managed to stay in contact.

I found out today she'd died. It made my cry my eyes out.

I'd always wanted to know a female who was a real friend, but not a girlfriend. She was that and I loved her for it. She was always easy to be around and she made life very enjoyable. They were good times.

Goodbye Emma. I miss you. X
With love, Julian


How ironic.... just found this site, I too have been fighting cancer since 1998, I don't know Emma but yet I do because all survivors have this connection that most people don't understand, may she find peace where ever she may be. You are a hero Emma!


Today Oz time Emma would have been 38. Miss you so much my lovely girl.


Happy Birthday Emma.
When I think alot I drink to you
When I drink alot I think of you

I'll raise a toast later.


Happy Birthday, Emma


Marianne and David XX


Happy Birthday lovely girl. You are missed.



We are playing the eagles for you and drinking fizz. I even have a new phone with a funny bluetooth wotsit to discuss. You would like the evening. Wish you were here. x

Marianne and Dave

Taking a moment to think of you Emma and wishing we could tell you how often I'd love to get one of your funny texts.

Much love

Marianne and Dave xx


Had a Mum, Emma and Grampy couple of weeks, am sure that you are all together somewhere with a couple of G&T's and a pint, laughing at us all chasing our tails - at least I hope you are. Had to have Fleetwood Mac, Rumours in my car whilst driving this week, it is so very Kim, makes me smile and be happy but hurt at the same time. Miss you all - get a round in for me!


And you're the kind of girl who wants to
open up the bottle of pop
Too early in the journey

- Here's to drinking today, drinking deep.
Thinking of you often.


Do you remember how we met? 1993, Edinburgh. You put an ad in the Scotsman for a flat mate. We arranged to meet at the entrance to Waverley station - I was new to the city, nobody told me there were two. Freezing cold night, me at one entrance you at the other nursing an extracted wisdom tooth. In the time before mobiles. Tried again with more success at Glasgow station the next week, and shared your Easter Road impulse-buy flat so happily til 1996. Found out after that we chose each other because of handwriting (you liked mine) and red doc martens (a good sign, I thought). There were a lot of Single White Female comments from friends, but we got on like a house on fire. I loved your spontaneity - never knew what I'd come home to, half stripped wall paper, the ratties - your style and sass. You made me feel instantly at home in a place where I knew no-one. So many treasured memories. Deeply sad that we lost touch, even though we both ended up in London. Now I've found you again and lost you forever, all in the blink of an eye. Goodbye, Em, I think of you often, Suze x


Wishing you a happy birthday

I'm crippled by guilt, blinded by science
I've been waiting for tomorrow all of my life.

You've always taught me never to wait!
love, DC

Marianne and Dave

Dearest Emma

Just to let you know we have been thinking of you today, your 40th birthday. We remember you often - you are still so very much part of everyone's life.

Love as ever,

Marianne and Davexxxxx


I toured the light,
so many foreign roads
for Emma,
forever ago.


Remembering Emma, you're a star twinking in the sky of cyber-space, I still visit your webpage from time to time, you were a wonderful colleague and an inspiration to us all, I hope heaven's being good to you or that you're being reincarnated into something just as beautiful xx


hey sis, missing you still. I have a daughter and she looks like you. Love you loads. mxxxxx


Listened to Angels by Robbie today and looked at the snow. Also made a snowman, a baby snowman, a reindeer and a baby reindeer with catriona. Wish you were still here to help...

Nic Conef

Hey there slinky minx,

Got an email from Mark today (expecting another baby would you believe?) & one of his cc's had an '' email address. Thought of you (naturally) & have just spent a couple of hours, looking over your websites, the videos were a nice surprise, shed a few tears (you love it!).

Think of you often, as does Adam, but then you know that...


Nic x

Suze Beeke

Hey Em, thinking of you. Love Suze


Happy birthday my love. Will give your love to Billy if I finally get to meet him.

Danny Sea

I want perfection,
I'm real need,
I've seen attention,
See through me.

Happy Birthday - here's to absent friends...


Dylan Thomas expresses your death at his secular best.

I shall not murder

The mankind of her going with a grave truth

Nor blaspheme down the stations of the breath

With any further

Elegy of innocence and youth.

Deep with the first dead lies London's daughter,

Robed in the long friends,

The grains beyond age, the dark veins of her mother,

Secret by the unmourning water

Of the riding Thames.

After the first death, there is no other.


I'm thinking no to the iPad. What about you? Mx

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