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Jan 25, 2004


Beth W.

I have missed you and hoped you were off in the south of France with an exciting lover. . . but am glad to hear from you and hope your current attachments at the hospital will be de-tached and you'll be home again soon.


Of course we've been missing you!
We'll all still be here when you get back - hopefully that will be very soon.


Ah, but you are a star in your own show each moment that's why you've been missed. So, you're a lap dancer as well as a hickman line swinger my goodness the NHS takes on a whole new light :0) With all those wires you can at least comfort yourself that you are more efficient than the Northern Line but then that does't take much I suppose. May syringe and saggy bag be left behind very soon and you be outta that hospital at home smiling at that South of France lover who happens to be American lap carrier....


You have been missed. It's good to see a post from you. Here's to being home soon!


I look for your posts around every corner.


Missed! of course you have been! you have no idea :) I think I can safely say I'm not the only one who is thinking about you from far far far away...


you are missed more than words could ever say. hang in there my friend, better days lie ahead.

I honestly have no idea what to write to someone on the other side of the world (whom i care deeply for) who is sitting in hospital, with all sorts of tubes sticking in and out of her.

The typical bloke response is always to make a joke of it all and make it lighthearted but i cant seem to muster the ability to do that. "Stay away from nasty lurgies" seems to be the best thing i can think of writing! All seems so futile...

i guess i figured it was better to write something, no matter how ridiculously crap and inadequate it seems as i know how much you love to read your blog.

I think this blog is one of the best things you have ever done actually. I read it every morning and gain perspective on life. It really is priceless. Everyday i see people getting stressed about the most ridiculously tiny things, i really want to go up to them and shake them...

Seeing the way you are dealing with this is incredible, I think back to that "busy-bee" and potentially "fluttery" candygirl of yesteryear and think how incredibly strong you have become through all of this. You are an inspiration to me, i cant say anymore than that.

hang in there em,

better days *do* lie ahead, i truly believe it.

lots of love


PS hope you dont mind me calling you "fluttery"


Adie took the words right out of my mouth. Kisses from seattle.


I've just read Candy's dairy
It's left me feeling numb.
I'm old enough to have been her mom.
This sunny child, now snatched away
was fearless and bold in her strife.
I see in her chrystal defiance
as the jaws of death close in
her rainbow zest
for life,
so pure
so clear.
Too late
for us
to meet and yet
I feel
her near.
Sleep well
my dear.


There will have been tears all round England today as others,like me, have been moved by reading the diary in the Guardian.
Two thoughts:a girl like that would have come from and linked up with others of similar quality. You can all be proud. And I hope you can support each other in thanksgiving for her life, which is still speaking to us.

Sandra Hyde

My son Adrian was at school and in the orchestra with Emma and we were both shocked and saddened by the news of Emma's death. If only I had known of Emma's plight. I also had ovarian cancer almost 11 years ago but was diagnosed in time. Following 10 operations I am still here to tell the tale. I would so loved to have been in touch with Emma, but alas it was not to be.

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