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Jan 11, 2004



I came across this site whilst researching for a project I'm completing as a student nurse and felt I wanted to leave a message. I am working in an haematology ward at the moment and sometimes find it hard going, but after looking through this site with a sob in my throat remember that I can go home at the the end of a shift. The patients I look after are some of the nicest people I've ever known - I forget what brings them there. This site has reminded me of my blessings - I did not know the lady but have met many like her.

My thoughts are with her family and all the families of the people in my ward.


I have a Hickman line in at present because I'm on a long term intravenous antibiotic,once it's settled in it's not a big deal. Besides you have to think of the long game and the benefits you'll acrue as a result,



I have been on a Hickman line now for almost a month,due to a bacteria infection in my lover. My problems started at birth,as i was born with a Wilms Tumor. Had to have my right kidney removed at 8 mos old.The Docs zapped me with so much radiation that in time resulted in multiple intestinal surgeries, as I couldnt eat..The food would just get STUCK!..Im 56 now, a "walking miracle" (thats what my docs call me)..but cant gain ANY weight. I have diarrhea and short bowel syndrome now. I dont absorb anything, and spend alot of time in the bathroom...I would appreciate any info from anyone as to how Im supposed to gain back the 30 lbs lost over the years due to all these surgeries. (Had 4!) Enough is enough! I weigh 80 lbs! Thank God Im only 4'10...Will be on this Hickman line til May 4th, Hopefully no later.
For all of you guys on a Hickman, do you have loss of appetite? diarrhea?...fatigue..? Lets talk!!

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You're a braver woman than I it was weeks before I could even begin to think about looking at the incisions from my lap. Even now I don't like to touch them. They're...squishy.

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