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Jan 11, 2004



I read your blog with such seriousness . . . most of the time. Today, however, when I read about your missing eyelashes, I could think of nothing but an ex-mother-in-law of mine, who (for whatever reason) had no eyebrows at all. Each day she would pencil a pair on, and each day her expression would look slightly different.


I grew up with glories of Eyelure dotted around bathrooms so all I can say is go vamp it girl. I think that company os no longer but there must be someone still making falsies - eyelashes! Your middle name is not Lola is it :0)
Have to say you're better loking than David Blaine but then his dosh would be useful I suspect.
I'm one of the very few who doesn't have telephone to text so it's comments or email from here.
Trust the line is long enough to still dance:0) Take care.


"who cares, give me a burger"

this is the best i can do from australia honey. hope you like it, i made it from scratch with my own special recipe with the finest organic produce(none of this macdonalds rubbish).

looks tasty to me...!



Just popping by to say Hi!
Have to report it has actually stopped raining in Wales, well this minute anyway :0) and the wild birds have their thermals on this morning as evrywhere is frozen including the bird bath which took some heafty blows to create drinking hole this morning.
Wishing you a bright clear day with plenty to warm the proverbial cockles.

Retro Girl

Just wanted you to know I often lurk here. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for being you.


Me again!, just waving hello and reporting it is raining agin here - surprised about that aren't you. Been really grey here for days, maybe it's been a bit grey there too?, hope it's not been too dark for you and your busy skipping with that line. Much love and light


I anticipate your posts every day, and it's been a while. I just wanted to let you know that this is one of my favorite things to read. The insight I gather from your humor and your updates are something you seldom find. Much love, I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses hearing from you.


Live and direct from my hospital bed. Thanks to my sis.
Please keep posting and I will try and get properly set up. Saving up loads of thoughts but they keep drift out of my head quickly. Missing my blog.

Feeling better today actually. Think it might have been that crazy fibre optic flower lamp my yoga teacher brought me.

josephine sando

Dearest Emma

Your amazing sense of humour is certainly indomitable. I remember you so fondly when you and Ned were just wee ones in Adelaide. The two of you always seemed to have grins on your faces - some mysterious source of fun had got you both giggling once again.

Time now though for some of your other great strengths - doing it tough and seeing things clearly as they are and still being well and truly yourself. You have always been an amazing woman and obviously are even in your great pain.

Our love and prayers are with you.


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