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Dec 20, 2003



When I got to the Coca Cola I thought you were about to ask if they infuse that straight into veigns....I've had a week of 3am's so probably can match your surreal sense of time at the moment. As I have no TV I am saved from re-runs of Trisha, having watched her during the day once that was mind blowing enough :0)

What's this then, they drain you off then fill you back up...someone trying to keep themselves in a job?! Trust it all goes fine and you are ready to bounce through the festive period like an operatic Tiger:0)

I suspect I still have some 'worshipping' at the 'goddess u-bend' to particpate in but the 'cavalry' have just been and the pincushion bum was definitely in evidence much to Mitress Flo's amusement so at least I keep the 'family' amused.

I had pictured you having to jump up and down in some glass domed winter wonderland to have continuous polyestyrene snow falling on your head whilst gripping on to your nearest and dearest so as not to float off into the wallpaper paste you seemed to have become encased in - hey I have been a little dehydrated and the mind wonders at such times.

Victoria has alot to answer for I think in the Santa regalia question. But there was alot of furs and skins apparent when I lived in Norway which seemed to be long tradition and definitely had red in the get up too. But then the Trolls were as important as St Nick as milk etc was left for them rather than he....if that makes any sense to you, order an extra pint of water as you're as delierious as I:0)


Sorry you didn't get to the snowdome - you'll have to save it as something to treat yourself to when you're feeling a bit stronger :-)

The Santa question came up in our pub-quiz last week. Apparently Coca-Cola did change him to red and white, previously he was green and white. Eeuuw! What would Trinny and Suzannah say! I'm still not 100% convinced about the reliability of this story, though. It seems too naff to be true.


OK so I didn't make up the Santa thing. Yanky boyfriend seemed to think Coca Cola had invented Santa (there's yanks for ya).

Daisy - you poor thing - I'm sorry I haven't been on to your site and been more supportive. I've just been feeling sorry for myself all week. Feeling a bit better today. Typical as I'm going in to hospital!


here's a good link that traces the Santa-as-we-know-today's origins:

hope you feel better.

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