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Dec 16, 2003



Hi from the piney woods!

On-line shopping is my favorite most of the time, although tomorrow I am going to get my hair cut and so some shopping for the grandkids. It's fun to not have children but have grandkids. When I married Buck 20 years ago, there were 3 grown kids around 19-22 and one tiny grandson (now 23). Now there are 7 g-kids, from 5 to 23. I'm 52 and had a dispute with one of them recently when they thought they had "discovered" Bob Dylan's music and wanted to share it with me. Boy, where they shocked to find I still own an original vinyl (and 8track) and know all the lyrics!! There's a great quote: The reason why grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is because they have a common enemy! Hope today is a good one.


internet shopping is great when you are overseas... no huge postage charges!!

here is my favourite present idea which i have sent to a few of the boys back home. It is a spiderman glove which attaches a special can of "web-stuff" to your arm and you can go around "webbing" things. it is guaranteed to make any boy of any age say "cooooooool!"

Its the "spiderman web-blaster" on the second page.


I recieved a wonderful parcel from a friend yesterday which she had purchased on-line, it was full of the most delicious foods so I can atest that rcipients are rather pleased too. Hope you've been able to find what you wanted on-line.It seems such a civilized wayy of shopping but no excuses for hot choc and cake pick ups which should be manditory as far as I'm concerned where shopping is concerned.


Beth, I'm certainly looking forward to having a niece or nephew in the new year. Then I will have an excuse to go to toy shops.

Adie, that's not the best present - Argos are selling Atari consoles with all of the original games like Pong for 12.99 I need to buy one for every boy I know!

Daisy, well I did find some good stuff on, it seems everyone is getting in to it including my dad. Also for boys toys.



shopping in london is officially hell.

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