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Dec 15, 2003



How long did they say you'd feel like this?
Is there a date in the future you can look forward to, where you might be able to start feeling the life seeping back in?
I send you :hugs: and hope you start feeling better soon.


As someone who has to take medication that gets stuck up under lip, stuck up bottom and pushed in by needle, all to stop sickness, I do know what you mean about the system closing down and then opening up again with ballons and fireworks all set floating and firing in the confines of belly.

I'm fortunate that fibre isn't off the menu completely but sometimes that makes things worse rather than better so can understand why its a no no with you at present. a friend who underwent similar chemo went to a Homeopath in the end and she found he not only was able to help her with the nausea in fact it stopped but really helped her digestion - just a thought.

Ice cream is my life saver as you know but that's a no no when I've been taking lots of anti sickness drugs as it just makes everything worse but I have found jelly does ok and it's amazing what can actually be put into it that to make it pretty good as a food source. Maybe that's where those meaty jellies came to the fore in Jane Austins time. Hey just get Darcy to sweep you off for a little calfs foot jelly - maybe not :0)

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