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Nov 03, 2003



what a wonderful point...


most people believe that you need to do things to escape from work while all along you are actually working to escape from your life...

when you think about it life is a mad place - uncertainty about the future, what to do about the mortgage, the broken fridge, the washing machine on its last legs, the fact that cindy has called for a week, the want to do more in life, go travelling, have kids, get a dog... blah blah blah.

work allows us to immerse ourselves in another world where we can escape from the uncertainties within our own existence.

deep man, real deep.


thank you oh reki master for your words of wisdom...true though!


i never thought of it in words, but that is how i've always felt about work. at least subconsciously. yes, very deep and wise, both of you!



here is the latest thoughts about the role of work in our lives...

this is what a friend and ex work colleague toby f wrote about it:

"its not escapism its more like self-affirmation. zen masters talk about "jumping into the abyss" and of "letting go" - it's not about letting go of reality but of letting go of "I" and embracing the "non-I" - becoming one with yourself (said with a straight face!) - it is this which is truely escapism! work is all about reasurring your ego that you are needed and fulling the "self" illusions that the universe revolves around "you".... hmm i think thats enough for now. ;)"


here is my take on it...

in japan (and many other places) the word "I" actually means "self with respect to others" (or something like that.. when you address an envelope to someone in japan you write the country first, then the state, then the address, then the company, and lastly you write the person. this is because your part in the wider group is always deemed more important.

it is a different meaning of the "self" and its role in society. very interesting. im not saying that either is right or wrong but it is interesting. I find it personally very appealling to me because i always live my life thinking about others, of course there are other selfish gits out there that only think of themselves and strive for personal riches (and still never feel fulfilled.)

I suppose in this japanese way of thinking, being part of a company is a big thing. you dont go to work to escape life, you go to work to fulfill life, to be part of a wider group.

deep man, real deep.



This thought is perfect for today.


hmmm Adie... it's true that the Japanese have stronger bonds towards their employers. In the west though it's not really like that - I blame the americans


yes yes yes,

i know its different in the west. but the fact is that most of us have a selfish approach to life... we wanna have more possesions, create more wealth la-di-da.

none of that shit makes you feel enriched, you always feel that there is something else to achieve to be 'happy'.

what the japanese have got sussed (i reckon) is that life isnt about the defining of the 'self' but the belonging to a wider community.

thats why when you are not working you always crave it.

people moan about having to work because they havent realised this fact!




Yes I know... and not being at work makes me feel outside of society and everyone tells me how jealous they are of me having time to do what I want. But you know they don't actually mean it.
Which I find even worse.

I'm like...sure have the cancer, the chemo too if you're so keen...

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