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Nov 04, 2003



poor baby! while you're waiting for your mum to get there, the soup lady has lots of great recipes. tho you may not feel up to trying them, just reading them may warm you up:

also, i found on her site a link to a recipe for "medicine soup":

maybe you can get a friend to make it for you? feel better soon...


You're a life saver thank you! I'm just cooking the chicken and was wondering what extra to put in. I've got lime, ginger garlic and I think I have some cilantro in the freeze. Mmmm tasty!


that picture is a classic! slightly different to the 'helen hunt-esque' one on the right of the screen thats for sure!

you do realise that if your mum wasnt coming over then you wouldnt have a cold! something inherently comforting about having your brow mopped by your mother. i reckon we yearn for it on a subconcious level.

crank the heating on up full, cover yourself in thick blankets and sweat it out. drink lots of water to flush it out. and find someone else to tease it out (so they can be sick instead!)

colds were never a problem when we were kids!


It's true she has bought out the Sainsburys pharmacy with vitamins and juice drinks! Oh and you can't have too much chicken soup!

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