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Nov 24, 2003



Hope you had a great birthday, it sounds like it was fun!
Mine was Friday -- I drank. A lot :)


hello me darl

What an amazing diary of your amazing (but hard) events. Seems so long since I've seen you but the tone of your words seem so familiar. So interesting to read about your thoughts and your strength. It's given me some strength today, on a day that I've had sad news.

I was just speaking to Adie and we were talking about life and things and you my love.

That's all I wanted to say.

I hope I see you again one day/soon?

Tamara x

Linda & Ernest

November 23rd 2004
Today Emma would have been 37 years old. In the land where she was born, we walked at Bundeena through the rejuvenating littoral rainforest, A misty rain not enough to spoil the pleasure of the walk. Aboriginal engravings just visible on the sandstone rocks. To the shore as she did last New Year’s day in Wales. The timeless sea and the landscape of this aged country throwing the transience of our tiny moments in time on earth into stark relief. She must have felt that too as she contemplated her threatened time here.

Now the late afternoon sun is filling the room on the harbour with warmth.


I think of her often.

I'll be raising a glass later.
It's very quiet without her.


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