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Nov 17, 2003


Steve Glover

You say potatoe, I say potato.. hmmm.. that reminds me of some song...

Hope the weather clears, and the bus moves on :)

Without the dark, we'd never know the light... or so the saying goes.


Well Candygirl, hold out your hand and let me smack it.

Five times.

That is for mis-spelling potato in a J Danforth Quayle stylee

That is for mis-spelling vulnerable, so as to make guys think you are not as smart as you really are

That is for using "you're" instead of "your", althought you know the correct usage, you minx!

That is for mis-spelling potato AGAIN, like you are some sort of serial recidivist

That is for letting seasonal affective disorder mess with your spirit. You are a spunky chick, and you dont want me smacking you all the time, do you?

Or do you ? ;-)



I am ashamed at my poor punctuation and grammar. Though it just goes to show how poor I was feeling yesterday.

The only excuse I can give for the "you're" was I changed the sense of the sentence halfway through writing.

I have corrected my deliferate mistakes.

Potatoe I was being funnye....


and I don't think it was seasonal affective disorder. I think it was a really bad head due to 5 days of chemo. Though you never can be sure


Potatoe - Potato
with a yank for a boyfriend I'd better say potatoe - tomatoe



That is a trap, right?!

You spell your words your way, girlfriend, but I hope that your bf raises your spirits. P

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