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Nov 13, 2003



I carry around one of those epi-pen thingees due to allergies -- supposed to jab it in my thigh if I come across something that causes me to "have a sense of doom" -- no kidding -- that's what the serious, sincere allergist said! Isn't that weird?

Steve Glover

I admire your posts. It's not something I can relate directly to, but it's familiar ground... I guess in a way it's like surviving a car crash then reading about someone who survives a plane crash.

Anyhow, it's encouraging :)


why thank you...but familiar ground?


Hi Dear! thank you so much for visiting my site. Hope all is always well & wonderful for ya & stay positive always :) By the way, hw's the Naked Chef doing? ;P


Yes sticking needles can be a bit alarming before the event but had that delight for a while myself. I wasn't trusted with real syringe needle set up so had a plastic pen thing with the right dose of drug inside. Yep slap those thighs girl and just think of pantomime season was what my doctor said to me! In fact it was brilliant as through tights was fine so no whipping to the loo to disrobe when out and about.
Just the small complication that the drug caused a delightful side-effect....well it was delightful for the person I shared my life with at the time. Within minutes of administering the drug I felt like my clothes were trying to strangle me!, so of course began to disrobe very quickly but then it just felt like my flesh was trying to strangle me..... still it was quite pleasant having the fleash calmed :0)


or even flesh!!

Steve Glover

Hi Candy, similar in that I have been in diagnosis for an unknown condition for about 4 years, with doctors trying to treat the symptoms through a variety of medications... symptoms being nausea, vertigo, and other less comfortable ones.

It just gives me some sense of hope or perhaps empowerment to read through other's journeys through intense health issues, even if I can't relate directly.


Steve, Meet Daisy - there seems to be all number of people with undiagnosed conditions that are debilitating. I have to say I was almost relieved at my diagnoses however bad it seems because I knew that I was not a hypochondriac, I was sufficiently in touch with my system to know what the doctors would not believe.

If nothing else at least with a diagnoses you can do _something_ even if it is too little and a little too late.....


Ah but when the diagnosis is something that the medics haven't got an immediate drug to treat you with does that make it undiagnosed. Inflamed bleeding brain, endocrine system basically f**ked, compromised heart and central nervous system with ongoing hospitalisation because of some of the 'side effects' of this delightful sojourn with acute illness. So severe vertigo and migraine attacks which leave dehydration, disphasia etc as the norm are part of the deteriation of this body and the day to day life of living with chronic illness. I got through the acute stage of ill health by being flown from a far continent to this island to top London hospital. But when I walked away from there it wasn't in a straight line and could be said to have been on a downward slope ever since. Yes drugs do help but no, no cure just the other c word chronic.


uggh that sounds horrible

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