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Oct 13, 2003



Hope your new, shiny, reconstructed Oncologist is an all singing all dancing creation too :0) Keep your finger on the delete button as your the seniour partner in this particular 'game' and it can be so liberating when some 'specialist' or other falls into a faint when the words F**k and YOU are announced airily but with pin point precision on that button.


Daisy Winifred who are you? You seem to know what you are talking about.


My hair fell out in patches some years ago. Alopecia areata, they told me. Dont care what the name is, I just dreaded any windy weather...

I know how this affected me as a guy, so I can only guess how you must have felt...after a while, I stopped examining my head in the mirror, and then one day I looked in the mirror and it had grown back again! Woohoo! I even went to a real hairdresser to celebrate.

But some more stress in my life, and it fell out again. :-( I still have some patches even now, but the sight of Mo Mowlam stopped me feeling sorry for myself. Not sure that this helps, and there is no "moral" in this story, just my experience.

Great blog BTW, Ive linked to you!


Well I don't know which is worse waiting for it to fall out or it falling out. I've been worrying about it since I started chemo and still have most of it, it's just thinner. Now I know it's falling out next chemo with the new drugs then I've started worrying again. I could have had a full 4 months NOT worrying about it.


Hi Candygirl -- I see I'm in good company here with Daisy-Winifred and Paul -- I was lucky in that my I let my ovaries go just as they were turning toxic. I had actually been trying to get pregnant (just turned 40 then, 12 years ago), but was allergic to the fertility drug (acutally made from nun piss, hope you'll excuse expression, but it's true) and had to quit trying. Come by and visit if you have a chance.


The fertility drugs they give you to stimulate the ovaries have been linked to ovarian cancer, that's why I didn't get to harvest any eggs. Far too dangerous for me I'm afraid! Thanks for your message.


Thanks for visiting my site. That (the fertility drugs) may be why my ovaries kicked up such a fuss they had to be removed, so 'though I was very lucky (no oncologist involvement), I do know what it's like to go through surgical menopause. Thought about adoption, but eventually figured my step-grandkids needed a non-mother youthful grandma. It's working. Stay strong.

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