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Oct 31, 2003



Hey, if it tasted really good I suspect it will have been real good for you. Like laughter I think a belly that smiles and glows to the heart releases those endomorphs or whatever they are called that makes your body sing - who gives a **** if the body might still sing a little out of tune :0)


Sea Cow is such a funny name. But it took me right back to growing up in central Florida, where we have sea cows (Manatees) in the rivers. They are huge, slow moving and very gentle.


Wow you've seen real sea cows ?


Yup. In Crystal River, Florida, but I haven't ever been swimming with them, although some have. Thanks for your comment about Cleaning Closets. I've been dry for a few days -- hopefully the writing tap will come on again soon!


believe it or not, candygirl, i was doing a search for the sea cow in east dulwich, because i wanted to know if it was worth the visit! (i'm an east dulwich resident myself.)

just thought i'd say hi, and that i liked reading your blog, and i hope you're feeling ok.


Yes the Sea Cow is great. Service a bit slow some times but the food is gorgeous. Like your blog too.

paul rigby

Glad you all like the sea cow. It is my restaurant and I was scanning the web to see if it had been mentioned. Thanks for the positive comments and say hi next time you are in.


Excellent! Make sure there are enough peas in next time - fish n chips much better with peas

Warren Dando

Glad you all like the name Seacow as a name for the fish and chip shop.I have had that name for the past three years to my Fish and Chip shop in Sydney.


Hey where is it? My parents live there they could call in!

warren dando

The address for SeaCow Sydney is 110e Boundary
Street Paddington

Rob Broadbent

Glad you guys all like the name Seacow !!! My partner Daryll Taylor and Myself started the original in Sydney years ago which is now owned by warren.....R

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