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Oct 29, 2003



Love the wig, love the name...The Adventures of Gloria sounds like a silent movie - trust you are the heroine, just stay away from those moustache-twirling-top-hat-cloak wearing fellas.
Me, I'd want to touch Gloria, ask is 'she' comfortable, did you have to buy or does the NHS actually have style! etc etc. If I didn't know you and we sat opposite each other on the tube I know you'd be part of the 'now I wonder what she does guessing game' and if I did actually realise you had a wig on - which by the way in the pictures looks pretty darn real to me, you will have made my day as imagination of the Marta-Hari kind would have entertained me.
I think you're right though most people won't notice be that city or village as they are too caught up in their own lives and those that do will rarely comment which can be fine but sometimes makes one wonder just how much they notice of the whole person.


People in London only notice you if you fall flat on your face trying to get on a bus. Then they point and stare and say in a loud voice "Look - she just fell over trying to get on that bus!"

I know that from experience.
Bloody Southerners.


The NHS does supply wigs but I haven't looked in to thinking that they would be designed for old ladies. Even though I know this is not true. I knew a lady who had a big glam blonde one that was NHS but I'm not sure how you go about getting one.

Gloria was given to me by a friend who's sister had a friend that worked for Selfridges "hot hair" stand. I have another one called Jaqueline but she is an altogether classier affair she is real hair and a very good wig. I don't like her though cos she's trying too hard to look like real hair.

Ever since I was 15 I have dye my hair bright colours and never wanted it to look real.


Kirsty - they also say "oh they fell over trying to get on the bus and it's holding ME up tsk". I once heard a woman complain about the fact that a train was late because someone had thrown themselves on the track. It's enough to make you throw yourself on the track.

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